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Verik Aligeri
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Temen III


18 BBY

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Verik Aligeri is the second son of the Aligeri household. Three years younger than Damon, Verik is also Force Sensitive. The two siblings spent much time together as children, sparring and exploring the many nooks and crannies of their homeworld. When Damon left to adventure among the stars, Verik decided that one day he'd leave Temen III as well. This opportunity came sooner than he expected, however, when the Inquisitorium came to his home looking for his older brother. Commanded by his parents to flee Verik reluctantly left his homeworld behind, receiving a vision of his parents' death soon after.

He made his way to Chandrila, where he recovered a lockbox his parents had left for him. The holorecording inside the lockbox explained the true nature of his powers and left him with the things he would need to develop them. Blaming Damon for his family's death, Verik left Chandrila in search of his brother.

After several weeks of searching, Verik made his way to Praesitlyn. His brother had been sighted there, and Verik hoped to find more leads as to his whereabouts. Damon was long gone, however, and Verik would have been without a course had it not been for a fortuitous encounter with a Gungan named Kelp. After helping the Gungan deal with some trouble, Verik was invited to join the Gungan's crew -- pending approval from the captain, of course.

They met with several other members of the crew and Verik was quick to pick up on the fact that they were searching for the Ravenstar, Damon's ship. Sensing an opportunity Verik met with the captain, who turned out to be none other than notorious pirate Tarvos Ghull. Verik introduced himself and explained his errand, only to have the pirate attempt to capture him for the bounty on his head.

Verik defended himself, killing the pirates who tried to take him down. Impressed, Ghull decided to hear him out. This interview led to an agreement -- Verik would serve as a member of Ghull's crew on the condition that when Damon was finally found, Verik would be given liberty to deal with him.

Verik is the more calculating of the two brothers. Whereas Damon is apt to lose his temper quickly and calm down just as quickly, Verik possesses a slowburning anger that could last for decades. Unlike his brother, Verik has a natural skill with blades of all types, scorning blasters as less honorable than face-to-face combat.

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