Tey Spires
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33 BBY

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Tey Spires was born to unknown parents in the Corellian system but was adopted at a young age by longtime CorSec officer Eoin Spires and his wife. Tey led an uneventful childhood as a middle class child before leaving education at 18 to join the CorSec academy. Tey passed in the top quarter of his class and had a long career, up until the Braxton Towers incident, in which he was framed for destroying an imperial research facility and killing the staff, as well as the families of the research personnel living in the tower. Finding himself on the run from the very people he had sworn to protect Tey left Corellia one step ahead of pursuing bounty hunters and the Empire and he spent the next two and a half months collecting scraps of information that might clear his name. The events of the next weeks and months have had a profound effect on Tey, as he has begun to relax slightly, despite his misadventures as he has found companions that have reduced his feelings of being alone against the Empire.

At several points along his journey Tey has become depressed at the seeming futility of his struggle due to the expert job that the Empire did in framing him. The crew of the Bad Luck have helped him with this to an extent, but Tey still battles daily with depression and, perhaps more significantly, with the anger he feels towards those Imperials who betrayed him. In fact his experiences over the last several months have made him even more bitter and cynical than 15 years of service to CorSec did. This often expresses itself in biting sarcasm, often used as a defence mechanism.

The crew of the Bad Luck are some of the only people in recent months that Tey has met that haven't tried to drag him back to the Empire and as such he has a good deal of gratitude towards them, especially Luis Santiago, whom Tey is slowly coming to trust, despite the man's Imperial past.

Tey stands at just under 6 foot tall, and is fairly solidly built without being overly muscular. He appears to be in his late thirties, but is in fact a few years younger. His features are such that he doesn't stand out in a crowd, with blue-grey eyes and short brown hair. Often the only thing people remember about him is his penetrating stare, perfected after long hours in CorSec interrogation rooms.

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