Sol is one of the younger members of a Corellian clan of Ryn. Like the others in his clan, Sol often acted as a courier and investigator for one of the local Rebel cells. He was one of the first Rebels to come into contact with Damon Aligeri and Mir'isha. After Koro Bolera and the Antarian Rangers vouched for the two mercenaries, Sol was assigned to help Mir'isha crew the Ravenstar while Damon flew his Headhunter as escort.

Sol took part in the battle over Burista, operating one of the quad-guns while Mir flew the unwieldy freighter. When Damon and Mir went on foot to find the downed Destiny's Light, Sol stayed behind to guard the Ravenstar. This would prove to be a disastrous decision, however -- Imperial forces under the command of Colonel Bartton captured the Ravenstar, and though Sol was able to hide in one of the ship's many smuggling compartments for several hours he was eventually discovered.

Unaware of Sol's plight - or perhaps simply too panicked to remember their companion - Damon and Mir'isha escaped the Widower, leaving Sol behind. Sol is currently imprisoned by Imperial Intelligence, though a remorse-stricken Damon has vowed to rescue the Ryn by any means necessary.

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