Consular-class cruiser2

"Second Chance"

The Second Chance is a Consular-class CEC cruiser. It is regarded as an archaic ship, though by no means is it useless. It is currently owned and operated by father-daughter smuggling/shipping duo Jyn and Mara Ramis.

History Edit

The story of the Second Chance goes back a long way. Initially designed as a diplomatic vessel for a Republic Senator a few years before the start of the Clone Wars, it saw much use as the Senator's personal transport. Piloted by Republic Navy Captain Jyn Ramis, it traveled the galaxy with the Senator in tow.

One year before the Clone Wars began, the ship came under attack by pirates and was boarded. The Senator and his bodyguards were killed, but Jyn and his navigator sealed themselves in the cockpit. They transmitted a message to Coruscant telling of the danger and the probability that they would not survive. When the pirates finally unsealed the doors, Jyn and his navigator came under heavy fire, but miraculously were able to defeat the pirates.

With the pirates and the Senator dead, and Coruscant notified of their demise, Jyn and his navigator decided to strike out on their own. They had both been planning on getting out of the navy anyway, so it seemed as good a time as any. Thus the name Second Chance was given to the ship. They took up shipping and smuggling, trying to make their way in the galaxy. They picked up more crewers, and eventually started to make some good money.

Jyn and his navigator parted ways, not long after Jyn got married. The ship traveled the galaxy with Jyn and his wife, and eventually his daughter, Mara, in tow.

Configuration Edit

Unlike most of the Consular-class cruisers, the Second Chance has a salon pod dedicated to cargo space. It boasts slightly modified engines, as well as several turbolasers for defense. It is painted red, just like all other ships of its type, mostly just to throw any pursuers off. It is not designed to go toe-to-toe with any heavy-hitting ships, but it can stand its ground if need be.

Crew Edit

Jyn Ramis - Captain, Pilot.
Mara Ramis - First Mate, Co-pilot
Morec Birtrok - Comms Operator
Jaso Meros - Sensors Operator
Zanis-Rit Rochist - Chief Engineer