Tam Dawncaller and Mr. Mace 'meet' Fiola Shaku on Dantooine.

"But Fi, whatever happened to the Levels? I mean, you guys were really getting popular there. Why did you break up?"
"Oh, that. We didn't break up, not really. The other members got... stolen."
Jyllis Tromso and Fiola Shaku[src]

Moonbeam Levels was a musical group of some renown in the Core worlds. Coasting on the success of three back-to-back chart-topping singles, this raucous, high-energy combo spent the year before the Battle of Yavin touring dozens of worlds, entertaining all manner of galactic citizens, and rubbing elbows with too many celebrities to count.

All that came to a halt, however, with the promise of a booking at Bespin's Cloud City. It seemed Moonbeam Levels's manager, a Devaronian named Quorice, had secretly borrowed a great deal of the band's touring expenses from Graza the Hutt, a crimelord on Nar Shaddaa. Oblivious to this fact, the group (minus singer and mandoviol player Fiola Shaku) piled into their starship, Bespin bound. When Fi (who had hung back on Chandrila for an extra day to visit her family) arrived at Cloud City, none of her bandmates awaited her. A few questions in a few clubs painted an unpleasant picture - the other members of Moonbeam Levels were likely captured by Graza. To this day, the whereabouts and condition of Fi's former bandmates is unknown.

Their music can still be heard the galaxy over, however, and it was indeed a hologram of this group (and its lead singer/mandoviol player) that captured the eye and heart of young Tam Dawncaller in his most desperate hour.

Popular songs by the group include 'Darling Reprobate', 'You'll Never Know', 'Sugar Heat', and 'You're Not Allowed to Say No'.

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