Mir'isha is a twenty year-old Farghul and a former member of Tarvos Ghull's pirate crew, assigned to the freighter Ravenstar. Her life took an interesting turn soon after the destruction of the Star Queen, when she and her crewmates attacked the planet Negaru IV. Gunslinger Damon Aligeri took exception to the fact that they were trying to steal his prized Z-95 Headhunter and fought back. When the battle was over most of the crew was dead or dying, with Mir'isha being the sole survivor. As Damon explained to her, he didn't like killing women.

The young man offered Mir'isha a deal: they would take the Ravenstar and embark on their own career, with Damon as captain and Mir'isha as his first mate. Knowing that Ghull would be furious at the loss of an experienced crew and not inclined to look kindly on any survivors, Mir'isha chose to go with the man who had spared her life. Their first job together involved picking up survivors from the Star Queen, where they encountered Fiola Shaku and Koro Bolera.

Disgruntled by her new captain's apparent inability to turn a profit Mir reverted to her pirate ways and attacked the starship Destiny's Light above Dantooine, disabling it. This did not sit well with Damon, however, and he threatened to leave her to her own devices if she pulled a stunt like that again. Boarding the Light, they met Kenlan As-Buka and Tam Dawncaller. Mir'isha was suspicious of the supposed "Jedi Master," though when Tam managed to jump both starships to Toprawa she was forced to admit there was something real about the pair.

In the weeks that followed Mir had ample opportunity to experience her new captain's way of doing things. To Mir, who had spent most of her life dealing with the crassness and brutality of Tarvos Ghull and his crew, the kindness and respect which Damon accorded her was more than enough to outweigh the occasional frustration she experienced over his tendency to make things up as he went along.

Mir'isha is fairly attractive by humanoid standards, though she rarely bothers with her appearance. She has a brand of some kind at the back of her neck which is usually covered by her hair. She wears a dirty mechanic's jumpsuit and usually carries both a blaster and a vibro-blade at any given time.

Not much is known about Mir's past. She avoids the subject when asked about it, though she seems to have a soft spot for orphans and may have been one herself. She often puts on a tough facade with people she doesn't know particularly well, though as she spends time with Damon she's become somewhat softer. Mir respects and trusts Damon and will generally follow his orders, unless she feels he's made a particularly foolhardy call.

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