The Mimbos system.

"Welcome to Mimbos, Amaranth! Will you be checking in, or just refueling?"
―Mimbos Port Authority[src]
A new colony founded at the edge of the Inner Rim, Mimbos has recently caught the attention of the galactic community and has drawn in thousands of tourists, investors, and workers. A large moon orbiting the gas giant Source, it is rich in minerals and ideally placed near the Corellian Run and the Hydian Way, which has fueled an explosion of development. There are dozens of new mines, refineries and loading ports being built, and housing and entertainment with them.

Fiola Shaku, Tam Dawncaller and Kenlan As-Buka all stayed for a time in the main spacedock of Newport, where they were employed at The Dancing Dawn Ballroom. There, Fi led a small 3-being combo, singing and playing mandoviol, while Tam worked as a busboy. It was here that the three met Luis Santiago and Tey Spires, who had come to the moon seeking a contact to help clear Tey's name. Koro Bolera also arrived and attempted to aid Tam and his friends, but his offer was rejected. Shortly afterwards the three groups went their seperate ways, until they were reunited on the planet Burista.