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A rising star in the Galactic Series of Sabacc, Koro Bolera is a force to be reckoned with at the table, with six GSOS bracelets at the age of 23. Often the young gambler will discuss the meaning of life and the universe with his opponents, the habit giving him the nickname of "The Philosopher".

Koro's sharp features, two meter height, shoulder length dark hair, and fit body combine with his Corellian charm to garner much popularity from female fans of sabacc, and from most humanoid women he meets in general. Currently he is single, but is taking a break from the GSOS to find a girlfriend.

Despite his handsome appearance and generally peaceful disposition, Koro is not just some rich pretty-boy. His combat skills have surprised more than one person hoping to have revenge for having lost to the famed gambler. When asked about his fighting skills, he will typically shrug off the question and state that some beings are just sore losers, so he makes sure he can deal with the inevitable. The truth is something else entirely-Koro Bolera is an Antarian Ranger. An even darker secret that he usually keeps to himself is that he is a being known as a Whill. His abilities are augmented by a number of Force Spirits bonded to his own. Even with no ability to use the Force, the human gambler can hold his own in combat with just about anyone in the Galaxy.

Koro went on the Star Queen to find romance and to relax. That ended when the vessel was destroyed. His luck however seemed to change when in the escape pod he met Fiola. He quickly struck up conversation and was pleased with his progress after the escape pod was picked up by Damon and Mir. That however, changed when a figure from Koro's past came into the picture-Kenlan As-Buka, a man Koro would shed no tears for in death.

Koro still held resentment from the last time he had dealt with the con artist. It had resulted in the death of Jedi Master Kotoru Hanaan, a man that the Antarian Ranger had pledged to protect. Kenlan was accompanied by Tam Dawncaller.

Tropes[edit | edit source]

The tropes as found on TV Tropes that pertain to the character of Koro Bolera.

Badass Longcoat

Nice Hat

Not Quite Dead(he was declared dead when the Star Queen was destroyed-he however is still alive some time later.)

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