"Fi's Necklace" by JohnGWolf.

"She swiped it. You shoulda seen it! This slaver scum tried to capture us, but I stuck him with my vibroblade, then we robbed all his cash, then Fi grabbed that rock, then we snuck down these tunnels, then we gutted that guy's Trandoshan friend. It was totally wizard!"
Cali Bellum[src]

This necklace was stolen by Fiola Shaku and Cali from a shop in Kala'uun, which was itself a front for slavers operating out of the Ryloth system. It is made of fine silver, and has as its centerpiece an impressively-sized, blue Luxum crystal.

Although unaware of the jewel's interesting properties, Fi wore the necklace everywhere she went for months, even after separating herself from Cali and the rest of her friends. Later on, when reunited with Cali and Zealos Reil, Fi offered the necklace to Cali at a club called Olann's as a way of apologizing for abandoning the former slave. Although Cali appeared unmoved by the gesture, she kept the necklace - though it is unknown what (if anything) she intends to do with it.

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