"Real shame, scum like that havin' a ship so pretty."
Cali Bellum[src]

The Emigrant was a Kazellis light freighter owned by a secret slaving operation operating out of Ryloth, with ties to the Empire. It was captured by Zealos Reil, Fiola Shaku, Tey Spires, Tam Dawncaller and Cali, who fled the planet aboard the vessel. The group then travelled to the Gamorr system to rendezvous with Athelias, Damon Aligeri, Elayne and Mir'isha, who were flying the Nova Viper.

It was ultimately decided that the two groups (minus the late Athelias, and Fi, who'd struck out on her own) would travel in the same vessel, the Nova Viper. To cover their tracks, the Emigrant was flown into the sun of the Rothana system, where it was destroyed.

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