"And the ship's new name will be?"
"I'd like it to be called 'the Dawncaller'..."
Obar Mull and Fiola Shaku[src]

Previously belonging to Inex Jonn and named the Skalen II ('skalen' being a Sakiyan word meaning 'original' or 'one-and-only'), the Dawncaller was a Starlight-class light freighter that belonged to Fiola Shaku until it was destroyed in a surface bombardment during the Battle of Dantooine.

History[edit | edit source]

Acquiring the craft through his usual nefarious means, Inex Jonn used the Skalen II to transport his trio of dancer/assassins, The Luminous Three, from engagement to engagement, with frequent visits to Mull Station interspersed in between. When Fiola Shaku joined the vessel's crew on Rothana, the five beings were embroiled in intrigues on Kamino that eventually culminated in one of The Luminous Three killed, Inex imprisoned by Seema Mull, and Fi and her friends owed a hefty payment by Seema's estranged husband, Obar Mull.

Choosing to give her share of the payment to the two surviving members of The Luminous Three and their 'mother' Vonn Ellu, Fi asked Obar if she instead could, in addition to working for the crimelord, keep the Skalen II for herself. Obar agreed, and, having his slicers forge the craft a new transponder code, Fi renamed the vessel the Dawncaller in honour of her lost love, Tam Dawncaller.

When her business relationship with employer Obar Mull soured, Fi flew the vessel first to Burista, and then to Cloud City, Ord Mantell, and finally to Dantooine, where it was destroyed on the surface of that world by Lord Darth Vader's naval forces.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Dawncaller was painted a smooth, glossy black, with light blue accents and trim. The large portside cargo bay, most commonly used in the past as a practice space by The Luminous Three, where they would create and rehearse their choreography, boasted a full-length, floor-to-ceiling mirror along the forward wall.

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