Dante Atilles
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33 BBY

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5' 8

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Born to a middle-class family on Kuat, Dante Atilles had high aspirations in life, always seeking to further his education and experience. Unfortunately, his family's financial situation prevented him from attending a university and much of what Dante learned he taught himself or picked up. An avid hiker, he often went to summit mountains when not working to help support his family. He loved to explore the ancient cities and ruins on Kuat and gained an interest in archeology which he studied in his free time.

The first post-secondary education Dante received was through the Imperial Academy on Carida with an emphasis on medicine. Dante excelled in many of his courses and nearly graduated with honors when an accident which claimed his whole family left him orphaned at the age of 22. He dropped out of his training months before graduation and returned home to mourn his family and set his affairs in order. He sold almost all of his family's property and left Kuat to find a new home. Since then he has drifted from job to job and from planet to planet, never staying in one place long. His Imperial training has served him well in has various vocations, often surprising his employers.

Dante speaks little of his past. He seems to have no family at all, very few friends and almost no public record besides basic documentation. A very capable physician, it seems odd that he never finished a medical degree and settled down.