Cali Bellum
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17 BBY

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"When your liver fails, I'm taking back your share of the Ryloth credits."
―Cali Bellum and Zealos Reil[src]

Cali Bellum is a seventeen year-old slave-girl from Mos Eisley, who worked as chambermaid and cook for the infamous slaver Bartok and his endless stream of transient cronies.

When Luis Santiago and Fiola Shaku appeared on her hovel apartment's doorstep seeking refuge from the Empire, spouting an outrageous cover story about star-crossed lovers fleeing an angry older brother, Cali took them in - out of boredom, pity, or possibly reasons known only to herself. The roster of uninvited houseguests doubled later that evening, when both Zealos Reil and Tey Spires appeared, and culminated with the new arrivals killing Cali's master, his men, and (with Luis remaining behind to keep the Empire off their trail) sweeping the teenager offworld aboard the Long Shot.

The group (joined by Koro Bolera and Tarynn Gray) fled to Kala'uun, Ryloth, where they split into groups. Cali and Fi took in the shopping district, where Cali stole an ornate necklace that Fi had been particularly taken with. Things went from bad to worse when, at Fi's urging, they tried to stealthily return the item: the shops' proprietor tried to capture and sell the pair into slavery, which resulted in him dead, and the girls stealing approximately ten thousand of his credits, the jeweled necklace, and one fancy dress appropriated by Cali (unbeknownst to the girl, this dress is an extremely high-class take on a traditional maid's uniform. The coincidence would infuriate Cali if she knew - and if any of her current companions have noticed the similarity, they aren't telling).

After Cali murdered yet another slaver, she and Fi escaped Ryloth aboard the Emigrant with the others (joined by Tam Dawncaller). Along the way, Cali has become mistrustful of Fi, whom she believes wants the credits they stole from the Ryloth slavers for herself. Fi, on the other hand, is simply concerned about Cali's apparent bloodlust, and fears for the girl's sanity.

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