Athelias, Damon Aligeri, and Kenlan As-Buka fight off Tarvos Ghull's agents on Corellia.

Athelias was born on an outer rim world, his parents were both Alderaanian refugees. His parents met an old man while they were traveling from planet to planet, trying to find a new home. This old man saved them from a group of thugs, revealing a lightsaber. After the fight, he informed Athelias' parents that Athelias was force-sensitive. Even though the Jedi were all but extinct and the Empire was constantly hunting and killing any it found, they knew that the old Jedi could give Athelias a better life than they could so they sent him with the Jedi as his apprentice. Athelias was only three years old at the time.

After many years of traveling and taining with the Jedi Athelias learned to use the force, and to hide the fact that he could use it. He learned of the old Jedi order and what it stood for, and he also learned why the order had fallen. They had stopped on a planet and split up to re-supply, as he was buying food for their jurney Athelias recieved a message through the force, a single word, "Escape", he turned around to return to the ship and saw his master running toward him with stormtroopers following behind, shooting at him. As his master passed him he swirled his robe to hide his lightsaber as he passed it to Athelias and again he sent the message through the force, "Escape", so Athelias sunk back into the crowd, and when the troopers had passed he had returned to the ship and taken off.

After the loss of his Master Athelias wandered from system to system, doing odd jobs to pick up enough credits to re-supply and go somewhere else, not knowing where he was supposed to go, or what he was supposed to do. Eventually his travels brought him to a cantina on the remote world of Tatooine, where his true adventure is just about to begin...

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