Once aspiring for a career in the pharmaceutical and perfume industry, Adriav Rahoul, a Zeltron, found herself stationed over Burista, a planet reputed to have unique aromatic qualities. It was there that she met Blinz, a member of the Imperial guard on Burista Station, and her true love.

Unfortunately all that she had worked for crumbled apart when the station was attacked by the Society for the Destruction of the Empire. Her lover was killed, and her career was in ruins. So she took things into her own hands. After being rescued by Tam Dawncaller, she released a prototype version of Project Darkseed on the invading terrorists.

When the Imperial Star Destroyer Widower arrived on the scene she was accepted as a loyal Imperial citizen, but seeing Tam Dawncaller and his friends in the brig caused a change of heart, and when the choice came she went with the life of a fugitive. Joining the Bad Luck's crew, she suffered a physical attack from the Ququor's seemingly organic machinery which nearly killed her. Lacking proper medical supplies, Luis Santiago put her into a comatose sleep to preserve her life, which she remained in for several weeks.

During this time, however, her body was able to adapt to the Quqor nanites which had been injected into her system, beginning her change into one of "The Others." This change was fully realized when the Koralak came under attack from an old Imperial patrol convoy, when a Quqor vessel saved the ship and Adriav woke from her sleep to "bond" with the Koralak, as the Ququor had wanted to do with Tam. However, Adriav reassured the crew that the bonding was something that she was going into willingly.

Upon bonding with the Koralak, Adriav's physical form was completely destroyed and her conciousness fused with the ship, now a living entity imbued with Quqor technology. She posessed complete awareness of what occured within the ship, could communicate with its crew through some mysterious means, and likely had control over its systems. After the bonding, Adriav/Koralak was transported to Tatooine to allow the crew to disembark, if they wished, or to stay with her.

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