0529-CV-B (Tonto)
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An old Techno Union droid, 0529-CV-B, or "Tonto" as Luis Santiago likes to call him, was found on the Edradour. CV's history, specifications, and the extent of his abilities are unknown, although from observation he appears to be an all purpose utility droid. More interestingly, CV also has morality and reasoning programming, and will refuse to undertake any action which he determines to be "unethical." His programming also uses an experimental Techno Union code which, since the Techno Union no longer exists and this type of encoding was never widely used, can bypass a great deal of modern security systems, including low level Imperial encryption. For these reasons, CV's line of production was banned when the Empire came into power, and it is likely that CV is one of the few remaining droids of his line.

Though CV unfortunately had to be abandoned (along with the Edradour) on Burista by Tey Spires and Luis Santiago, he found a place among the crew of the ISD Widower, all the while retaining an allegiance to his faraway masters.

He was finally rescued by Koro Bolera, and traveled with him eventually reuniting with his masters on Tatooine, and traveling with them to Ryloth. It was there, while attempting to rescue Fiola Shaku and Cali from slavers that Tonto was abandoned by the group again, in order to escape the slaver encampment and the demon like creature that attacked them. His current whereabouts and condition are unknown.

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